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What is the BM Trada Q-mark?

Trada stands for Timber Research And Development Association, and they are considered to be the leading authority on fire doors. The BM Trada Q-mark fire door installation scheme was created to improve the standard of fire door installation and provide consumers with evidence that the supplier that they were using was trained and capable. Fire doors must be correctly fitted, otherwise, the fire may breach swiftly which could have catastrophic results. At Spa Decorators we are proud to be BM Trada Q-mark installers and we will bring our experience to every project that we undertake.

Why should I use an approved installer?

Fire doors do not work if they are not properly installed, continually assessed, and maintained. A fire door that is installed correctly will extend the product’s fire resistance capabilities and the product’s service life. The fire resistance capabilities of fire doors are severely compromised if they not are installed correctly. Fire doors save lives, so make sure you use a Q-mark scheme accredited installer to install your fire doors. This will ensure that you have the correct fire door for your needs and that it is installed properly. If you install a 30-minute fire door, your evacuation plan will be designed around the belief that you have 30 minutes before the fire breaches the door. If the fire door is badly installed and the fire breaches in 5 minutes, your evacuation plan will not work, which may have disastrous repercussions. It is incredibly important that your fire doors work as they should, otherwise it will create a false sense of security. This is also why fire doors must never be propped open. If you need fire doors to be open, they must be fitted with a magnetic fire door retainer that will release when the fire or smoke alarm sounds. An approved installer will be able to work with you to ensure that the fire doors in your business are used correctly and safely.

Does the new fire safety law affect me?

The laws regarding fire safety have changed recently. After the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, the Fire Safety Act 2021 was bought into being, this builds upon the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The legislation regarding multi-occupancy buildings has altered, and the extent of the building that falls under the remit of the Responsible Person has increased, if you have a multi-occupancy building please speak to an accredited professional. Fire doors must be certified, so installing a BM Trada fire door will give you peace of mind in knowing that your fire doors are approved by the latest regulations.

Why use Spa Decorators for your fire door installation?

When you come to Spa Decorators you can rest assured that your fire door will be fitted following the correct installation process, according to the appropriate guidelines and manufacturer’s instructions. We approach every project that we undertake with the same diligence and dedication that we are renowned for. No matter the size or scale of your project, we will bring our enthusiasm and problem-solving ability. We are passionate about fire safety and fully appreciate the importance of passive fire protection such as fire doors. We actively support third party certification and an independent body overseeing the fire door industry. We believe in maintaining and improving the ongoing standard of fire door installation so that all those in the industry are suitably qualified. We pride ourselves on the quality of fire door installation that we provide and understand the weight of responsibility that we carry for the safety of those that use your building.

What are the next steps for my fire safety?

If you are looking for BM Trada Q-mark fire door installation specialists, look no further. The team at Spa Decorating are here to help. Whether you need a fire survey, fire door installation, fire door maintenance, or advice on what to do first, we are here for you. Our knowledgeable and experienced team are only a phone call away. Don’t leave your safety to chance, speak to the team at Spa Decorators today, and keep your business safe.

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