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Passive fire protection systems save lives

Passive fire protection is a vital part of the fire protection in your building. Fire protection is made up of active fire protection and passive fire protection, which includes fire stopping. Active protection is anything that can fight a fire, for example, fire extinguishers or sprinkler systems would be considered active fire protection. Passive fire protection includes anything that prevents fire from spreading, such as fire doors or intumescent paint. Passive fire protection, and fire stopping, aims to compartmentalise your building, which not only helps to maintain its structural integrity but also creates time to safely evacuate the people inside your building. A good and robust fire system should use a combination of both active and passive fire protection systems to protect your building and save lives.

Don’t be fire complacent

Sadly, many businesses are surprisingly complacent regarding fire risk in the workplace. There seems to be a pervasive attitude of “it’ll never happen to me.” In reality, there are over 300 workplace fires a week, and the risk in certain industries such as the construction industry is greater than in others. The Fire Safety Act 2021 was bought in after the tragedy at Grenfell Tower and has been designed to increase the fire protection measures that must be taken. If you own or manage a business, commercial property, or building with multiple occupancies you must understand the new law, have up-to-date fire risk assessments in place, and know what you must do to be compliant and protect the people that use your building. Installing correct and legal passive fire protection for your building regulations will save lives. Not only does passive fire protection safeguard people, but it also protects the integrity of your building structure reducing the speed with which fire can travel, thus allowing the fire service time to arrive. Having up-to-date and correctly fitted passive fire protection is as important as locking the door on your business at the end of the day. Prevention is always better than cure.

How does the new law affect me?

The Fire Safety Act 2021, follows on from the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and has some significant changes. Under the latest fire act, your fire doors must be compliant with the latest regulations, such as FD30 or FD60, if they are not, you must get them replaced. The 2021 fire act, has also clarified the extent of the building for which the Responsible Person is accountable. Again this will vary dependent upon your building, its usage, and the escape routes, but in a multi-occupied residential building, the Responsible Person must by law manage the risk of fire for the structure, external walls of the building, and entrance doors to individual flats that open into communal areas. The best way to ensure that your building is compliant is to contact our experienced and knowledgeable team at Spa Decorators.

Why use the team at Spa Decorators?

The fire service will advise on your requirements, but it will only be general feedback. To ensure that you are compliant with the latest regulations, you need an expert. Our professional fire protection team understands passive fire protection solutions, and how these sit alongside the law. When you use our team we will be able to produce a comprehensive report on your building. Our thorough survey will highlight issues in your building. We will be able to detail where your passive fire protection is no longer compliant and advise on the best passive fire protection products for your building. As part of our passive fire protection services, we offer these comprehensive fire reports to our clients, so that we can explain clearly the passive fire protection work that is needed to protect and safeguard your building and the people that use it.

Don’t delay, protect today

For a fully accredited, qualified, and professional service, come to the team at Spa Decorators. We are here to explain the latest regulations to you, to carefully evaluate your building to ensure that you are fully compliant and to install and maintain the best passive fire safety measures for you. For specialist fire protection from a team that will work with your business, contact the helpful team at Spa Decorators today.