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Fire door inspections save lives

Like most things in life, a fire door will work better if it is well-maintained. Fire doors are an investment in the safety of your business, your building, and the people that use your building. Once you have invested in fire doors, it is sensible to maintain them, as regular maintenance will extend the life of your fire doors. In general, a fire door should be checked every 6 months as a minimum, though certain fire doors may need to be checked every 3 months, but it is sensible to carry out fire door inspections more frequently if your fire doors have high traffic and are often used. Fire doors are a vital part of your passive fire safety, but they only work if they fit properly and are used correctly. A regular fire door inspection will pick up any issues quickly and enable you to repair your fire door so that you are safeguarding your business.

Why do I need to maintain my fire doors?

A badly fitting and unmaintained fire door is incredibly dangerous. If there are fire doors in a building the fire evacuation plan is designed around the fact that the fire doors compartmentalise and slow the spread of the fire. A fire door is rated FD30 or FD60, this means that the fire door will hold the fire back for either 30 or 60 minutes. If your fire door does not fit properly, then the fire can breach the door quickly, having devastating consequences on your evacuation plan and your ability to escape safely. When we carry out fire door inspections, we check the door itself, all the associated hardware of the door, such as the self closing device, or intumescent seals, and how it fits in the frame. If there are issues with your fire door, our professional fire door maintenance service can swiftly repair your fire door and return it to a fully operational fire door.

How has fire safety law changed?

After the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the Government has bought out new fire laws. The Fire Safety Act 2021 builds on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. There are significant changes with this new legislation, and it is important that you seek professional advice to ensure that your building is compliant and that your Responsible Person is carrying out their duties correctly.

Why use Spa Decorators for your fire door maintenance?

At Spa Decorators we understand the importance of fire safety. Sadly, businesses can be complacent about fire safety, but the effects of poor fire protection can be horrendous. We will always work with you to ensure that your building is safe and compliant with the latest regulations. Regardless of whether we have installed your fire doors, we can carry out fire door surveys, which will highlight any issues with your fire doors. Our fire door maintenance will enable us to fix any problems, bringing your fire doors back up to standard. Different businesses will have different schedules of fire door checks, and we will always advise you on the best fire door inspection routine for your usage. We bring to every project that we undertake our professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail. Our fire door specialists are accredited and trained to a high level so that you can be confident that any fire door maintenance that is carried out by our team will be done to the highest level. We understand the importance of the work that we do and the safety of the people that rely upon us.

Don’t delay, improve your fire safety today

If you are aware of any issues with your fire doors, the time to act is now. Fires can have life-altering consequences, and it is never worth putting off fire door maintenance. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is only a phone call away. Whether you want advice on your fire doors or a visual inspection, we can help. If any of your fire doors require maintenance, we will be able to carry out any necessary work to ensure that your fire doors can perform effectively. Don’t leave your fire door safety to chance, speak to the team at Spa Decorators today.

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