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Fire doors for first-line fire defence

A fire door is a vital part of your passive fire protection. Fire can travel incredibly fast through a building. Fire doors come in four standards – FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 – these certifications denote that the fire doors will offer fire resistance for either 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. This incredible fire safety measure means that should a fire start in one area of your building, fire doors that have been fitted correctly will stop the fire from spreading. When certified fire door installers such as ourselves install fire doors will we ensure that the fire resistant door itself is compliant and fitted correctly alongside the correct fire door accessories, such as the ironmongery, intumescent seals, and self-closers.

Why should I have fire doors installed?

Fire doors must be fitted in various commercial and domestic properties. The requirements of the fire doors will vary according to their location. Internal fire doors will need a different fire rating than external fire doors, and the correct fire doors must be fitted following the building regulations. A fire door can contain a fire for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the door’s fire rating. That gives you time to evacuate people, even the elderly or infirm, from your building. Installing fire doors also protects the structure of your building. After a fire, 80% of businesses never resume trading again. The less damage caused to your building the better, and fire door installation can prevent fire from spreading and reduces the extent of the damage caused. It is also a legal requirement to have the correct fire doors fitted.

What is the law surrounding fire door installation?

The law about fire door installation has recently been updated. The Fire Safety Act 2021 improves upon the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and was bought about after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Every fire door must be compliant with the latest regulations, and as a business owner, manager, or Responsible Person, you must ensure that you have the correct fire door certification. Due to the complexities around the new law and the importance of fire safety, we offer a fire door survey service. During this survey, we check each existing fire door, door frame, and door leaf. We make sure that the door leaf’s certification is to the latest standard, and ensure the correct installation of the fire door. Where your fire door sets are not up to the standard we can advise on how to become compliant.

Why use Spa Decorating for your fire door installation?

When you use the team at Spa Decorating, you can be confident that your fire door will be up to the latest requirements. Not only will your fire door be the correct certification for its location and use, but it will be correctly fitted. A fire door fitted badly is incredibly dangerous, as the fire may breach it quickly, causing panic and injury. Using certified fire door installers, such as the team at Spa Decorating, is essential to ensure that your fire door is up to building regulations. We are extremely experienced and understand fire doors and their surrounding legislation. Where you want to keep to the character and use of your building for example fitting a timber fire door, a front door, or an integral garage door, we can suggest a suitable fire door set for you. The range of fire doors, including timber fire doors, that are now available is extensive and we can recommend the best type for you. When you come to us, you can rest assured that you have put the safety of your business and the people that use it in responsible hands. We undertake every project that we work on with the same dedication and diligence that we are renowned for.

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Don’t be caught out by the new legislation regarding installing a fire door. Come to the team at Spa Decorators for clear and concise advice about installing a fire door in your business. Book to have your fire survey, or fire doors fitted today and protect your assets. Don’t leave safety to chance, act now and save lives. Call our helpful and informative team now.

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