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What is a fire door survey?

At Spa Decorators our fire door survey does exactly what it says on the tin – it is a survey of your fire doors. When we carry out a fire door survey you can be confident that we will thoroughly and professionally check all your fire doors, their surrounding fixtures, and the fit of the fire doors. It is not enough to have certified fire doors, they must be correctly fitted otherwise the fire could breach the door, leading to catastrophic events. Our fire door survey will give you a detailed report with any actions necessary within it so that you can rest assured that your fire doors are safe and compliant.

Why do I need a detailed fire survey?

A fire door is a fire door – surely? Actually, fire doors come with differing levels of certification and have different requirements depending on where they are located and the use of a building. For example, a fire door rated as FD30 can compartmentalise the fire for 30 minutes, this slows the spread of the fire through the building, allowing time to safely evacuate people as well as time for the fire service to arrive. Where there are old or infirm people, a 60-minute fire door FD60 can be installed to give extra time to evacuate safely. It is imperative that you have the right fire doors, and that they are fitted correctly, with the correct fixtures, such as intumescent seals. A brief fire survey may tell you that you are not compliant, but unless it details the changes that you need to make, it is not a helpful or informative document. Detailed surveys will look at each and every door set and give you actions regarding each door. This will give you an accurate costing for bringing your fire doors up to standard, and a reliable report to carry out the works from.

Fire safety laws have changed

The Fire Safety Act 2021 has been implemented recently. This legislation has been produced partly as a response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy and builds onto the previous Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire doors need to be checked every 6 months, though it is sensible to check them more frequently if they are subject to heavy use. It is wise to use qualified, experienced fire professionals, such as our team at Spa Decorating, as the consequences of a fire door survey being done badly could be devastating. The Fire Safety Act 2021 was bought in to save lives, and it is important that you follow the changes of your legal requirement. We can help to ensure that your building is safe and legal. Don’t assume it is safe, carry out a fire door survey today.

Why use Spa Decorators for your fire door surveys?

At Spa Decorators we are certified fire door inspectors, and we take the duties of our fire door inspections very seriously. The implications of fire door surveys that are poorly carried out, could be disastrous. We can carry out full fire risk assessments with you where we can look at the overall fire safety in your business, including your passive fire protection system, through to your fire safety signage, as well as a fire door inspection of not just the door leaf, but all the surrounding factors that denote whether a fire door will do its job in the event of a fire. We are accredited, qualified and experienced. We will always work with you to ensure that your building and the people that use it are safe and protected.

How do I book a survey for my fire doors?

Don’t leave fire safety to chance. Book your fire door survey today. The consequences of fires can be calamitous, indeed 80% of businesses never resume trading after a fire. Carrying out a detailed fire risk assessment and following the advice within it will help you to mitigate the effects of a fire should one break out. Passive fire protection, which is designed to slow the spread of fire, is a vital part of fire safety. Call our helpful and informative team at Spa Decorators today and book your fire door survey.

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