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What is fire stopping?

Fire stopping is part of passive fire protection and it is vital to ensure the safety of your building and the people that use that building. Fire stopping is sealing any openings where fire could pass through in your building. You may have invested in fire doors, with the correct fittings and seals, but if there is cabling running through the same wall with gaps, then the fire will be able to breach. Never underestimate the power of fire, and its ability to travel through small gaps with catastrophic consequences. Fire stopping products will include items such as fire sleeves, covers, collars, and sealants. With fire safety, no one product works in isolation, you need a complete overview of passive fire protection solutions, such as fire doors, intumescent paint, and fire sealant, to give you effective fire protection. Combining your passive fire protection with active fire fighting solutions, such as fire extinguishers, will give you the best fire safety solutions.

Aren’t fire doors enough?

Fire doors are a very important part of passive fire protection, but they are not the only form of passive fire safety. Fire stopping will prevent the fire from breaching through small gaps, such as around cabling, or pipework. While these gaps may seem small, they can be deadly. One of the most terrifying things about fire and smoke is how quickly it spreads. It only takes 30 seconds for a fire to become unmanageable, and an unprotected house can become engulfed by a fire in less than 5 minutes. Fire can have devastating and long-lasting consequences, and an estimated 80% of businesses never resume trading after a fire. Investing in passive fire protection services, such as fire stopping is critical. With our fire survey service, we can provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the fire protection in your business. As independent, accredited fire professionals, we can advise you on the fire safety requirements for your business.

How do the new fire regulations affect me?

The Fire Safety Act 2021 was bought about after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, it follows on from the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Any fire stopping installations must be certified by an accredited professional company such as ourselves. The new laws have reinforced the role of the Responsible Person and the extent to which the building’s fire protection sits under their responsibility. Given the complexities of the new legislation, a fire survey can be an excellent starting place, this will give you an oversight of the fire protection used in your business, and any measures that need to be taken to ensure that your building is up to the latest standards.

Why use Spa Decorators for your fire stopping?

The safety of your business, the building, and the people that use it, whether they are employees or customers, is essential. Given the recent changes to the law, it is more important than ever to use an accredited professional company for your fire protection requirements. We are experienced and dedicated, and approach every project with the same positive attitude. We can work with mechanical and electrical services during building projects, to ensure that your build is up to current specifications. We offer a comprehensive service for a range of different industries, from new buildings to older buildings, from sleek office blocks, to care homes, and from the retail to the construction industry, we can ensure that your business is protected and safe.

Make sure your business is safe today

Some things can be done tomorrow, but ensuring that your passive fire protection solutions are up to date isn’t one of them. The best time to protect your business, your building, your workforce, and your customers is today. Don’t leave safety to chance, contact the helpful team at Spa Decorators today and make sure that your building is protected. We offer a comprehensive range of fire services, from fire door installation to fire surveys, from fire stopping to passive fire protection, whatever you need to safeguard your business we can help. If you are looking for an informal discussion about your fire solutions, or want to book a fire survey, our team is on hand to help. Don’t delay, call today.

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